Gold Standard: These Trends Will Transform Finance Content Marketing in 2015

By Contently September 12th, 2014

Most everyone has gotten the lyric “I got my mind on my money, my money on my mind” stuck in their head at one point. That’s not just because it’s catchy, but also because it holds a great deal of truth. While everyone might not be a financial expert, most everyone wants to be one. And that represents an incredible opportunity for content marketers in the finance industry.

To bridge that learning gap, financial services providers have been focusing their content marketing efforts on creative educational campaigns while increasingly embracing multimedia campaigns tailor-made for the mobile age. This is causing many financial marketers to rethink their messaging all together. Take E-Trade, for example; the investment platform pivoted away from their popular talking baby commercials in favor of authoritative content featuring Kevin Spacey, informative videos, and colorful weekly market briefs.

However, the everlasting question in the content marketing industry remains: What’s next? In our new free e-book, “State of Finance Content Marketing: The Trends That Will Transform Financial Content in 2015,” we examine common themes, highlight best-in-class examples, and predict what’s ahead. Download it below.

Image by Kyle Fewell