Every Contently partnership includes four components

We collaborate with enterprise brands like yours to develop customized content strategies that captivate your audience, amplify your brand voice, and propel you towards market leadership.

We collaborate with enterprise brands like yours to develop customized content strategies that captivate your audience, amplify your brand voice, and propel you towards market leadership.

Step 1
Determine subscription needs

Annual subscription: Our subscriptions are priced on a per team (not per user) basis. Whether there are 3 people working across your business line or 300, pay the same price per subscription. Have other teams that produce content for other lines of business? Sign-up together and save 40%+ on each subscription!

Step 2
Establish content creation budget

Content Funds: Whatever you plan on spending on content will be including in our partnership contract. Those funds will be used to pay freelancers within our global creative marketplace to create content on your behalf. Contently provides pricing guidelines to help inform your planning process but all rates are negotiable with our freelancer network. Already working with freelancers? No problem! We’ll add them to our network, and you can continue working with & paying your talent via the Contently platform.

Step 3
Select your content creation service specialist(s)

Content Creation Services: Our services include editorial, creative, and strategic specialists to help ensure success with your content production. Whether you need a managing editor to bring editorial acumen, a multimedia project manager to oversee video production, and/or a content strategist to help build an impressive content plan, we’ve got you covered. Your team will select the specialist(s) that make most sense given your needs.

Step 4 (final step!)
Select your desired business service tier

Business Services: We offer 3 different levels of adoption & optimization services. If the platform subscription is an annual gym membership, think of business services as personal training packages. Choose the tier that keeps your team accountable for adopting the platform, hitting your program goals & optimizing your success with Contently.

G2 Leader for Content Marketing Creation
“Re-imagining Content Marketing
- one Contently story at a time”
Marketing Manager, Banking, 10,001+ employees
Trying to establish ourselves as an industry thought leader is difficult, especially with heavy competition. With platforms such as Contently, creating content for our blog helps set us up for success. Overall, the quality of content that Contently produces is high, and the service from the account team is best-in-class.
"Contently Is a Strategic Extension of Our Team That Provides Strategy and Produces Great Results!"
Marketer, Healthcare, 1000-5000 Employees
“Using Contently allows us the flexibility to launch and complete projects with expertise as needed. There is an ease of work and collaboration because Contently's approach has offered us the same writer(s) that provide consistency and efficiency because they have come to understand our business. The account managers and writing staff have provided thoughtful strategic input to our projects.”
“The Perfect Content Management Platform”
CMO, Financial Services, $50M-$250M in revenue
"Contently allows my organization to effectively and efficiently manage content along multiple platforms and keep precise track of all of them. The entire process is easy and stress-free. The Contently platform is awesome for the creation of state-of-the-art content and the management of it. Tracking of content and alignment of campaigns is also super easy with the software. It is extremely reliable and should be incorporated in every organization."

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