Content Planning Tools That Save Time and Align Your Team

Content chaos can be the kryptonite of a content marketing program. Contently’s Content Planning Suite makes staying on the same page simple through intuitive calendar, campaign, and content library tools.

Stop sifting through email chains and spreadsheets, and start spending more time telling great stories.

Intuitive Content Calendar

Contently’s intuitive drag-and-drop calendar gives you complete visibility into the state of your content program, across the organization.

Easily filter by function, LOB, format, tags and more. Simply put, it’s an editor’s dream.

Content Marketing Campaigns

Align LOBs across the organization with our enterprise campaign tools. Manage cross-enterprise content, events, and spend, and measure campaign performance and ROI.

That way, you can focus on performance instead of making sure everyone’s on the same page.

Content Workflow and Brief Templates

Ensure compliance and process adherence through smart workflows and briefs that keep your team on track.

Easily create custom workflows and briefs for each type of content you’ll create, and eliminate missed deadlines with timely notifications.

Content Command Center

Get a birds-eye view of workloads, delays, and content production time in our content command center.

See who’s overworked, who doesn’t have enough on their plate, and get actionable insights into how to speed up your content production process.

"Great for managing complicated content workflows. The automated workflows and editorial calendar make it easy to see exactly where your content is in its creation process, what steps are next and any potential blockers.
Brian C, Sr Managing Editor, Enterprise (>1000 employees)

Our customers see results

Contently’s content marketing platform makes it easy to create high-performing content and measure its impact, down to the dollar. Our customers see:

avg. Content Value ROI generated per year by enterprise customers
ROI on their Contently investment
avg. audience growth in the first 6 months

Create content that builds trust and drives leads

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