Contently Is 2023's #1 Enterprise Content Creation Technology

See why we’re the secret weapon of the world’s top content programs in G2’s Enterprise Content Creation Report

Why customers love Contently

We were named the top choice in G2's definitive rankings for enterprise content technology and also earned a number of honors—all based on extensive customer feedback.
Leader: Overall
Leader: Overall Enterprise
Leader: High Performer
Leader: Best Meets Requirements
Leader: Best Results
Leader: Easiest Setup
Leader: Users Most Likely To Recommend

Contently beat all other competitors with an emphasis on content ideation, powerful content creation tools, and smart content analytics.

See how Contently customers rated our solution

Quality of Support
Reviews credited our CS team for being dedicated partners every step of the way.
Ease of Doing Business With
Contently's onboarding program helps you start benefitting as soon as the first kick-off call.
Likely to Recommend
Only 4 out of 5 dentists recommend certain toothpastes, but more than 9 out of 10 users would recommend Contently.
Meets Requirements
Contently's platform helps marketers check off all their boxes internally when managing approvals and compliance.
Ease of Use
Smart tools and automated recommendations help users make quick decisions backed by data.

#1 for enterprise content creation software

As content marketing evolves, brands need a powerful platform that helps them create great content and drives results. That’s why Contently scored 16 points higher than any other vendor in G2’s report.


How Contently's NPS compares to competitors

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a useful way to measure customer experience. Contently’s high NPS score shows that our customers are more likely to drive meaningful ROI compared to our competitors’ users.



What we offer

Customers love Contently because our complete solution provides the 3 key ingredients to a high-performing content program:


To tell you the content topics, formats, channels, and voice and tone your audience craves.


To make smart content recommendations, align your teams, prove ROI, and create better content, faster.


To create any type of content you can imagine via our content marketing platform.
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"A Content Marketer's Best Friend"
Seamless collaboration between teams allows for a stronger deliverable to our end users. Our team loves the template options and the ease at which we can add comments, adjust deadlines, and build a stronger content strategy. We've also found that Contently allows us to better understand user experience and what draws users and keeps them within the platform.
“Stellar Platform and Team”
The Contently platform is excellent for managing workflows, editing content, and seamlessly uploading content to our CMS. The Contently team is terrific! They've been a tremendous resource in supercharging my content strategy and in helping me grow professionally as well.
CONTENTLY- True Partners & Content Marketing Done WRITE.
Contently are incredible partners, who proactively identify areas for improvement, sharing industry best practices and working with our team, every step of the way. From integration, implementation, contract negotiations and our ongoing partnership, Contently has continued to impress people at all levels of the organization.
"All-In-One Content Marketing Platform - Contently"
Contently is our go-to content creation platform because it gives us the strategic insights we need to create content that delights our audience that uses our product, increases product adoption, and drives our results.
"Great Content Marketing Platform, All-In-One Services"
With no content writer in-house we were able to get quality eBooks, white papers and case studies for our transportation division. The quality was amazing, expert writing from Contently, it's like having a full-time employee doing all the writing.
“More Than Content With Contently Content Marketing Platform”
This software is fantastic. It provides analytics on how engaging your content is and what you need to do to improve. The ability to create workflows for your different types of content helps my team be efficient.
“Straightforward Insights From An Intuitive Platform”
Detailed analytics that allow our training team and marketing associates to dive deep in who is accessing materials, where they are accessed, what kind of device, and so on has proven to be an immeasurable treasure for expanding our reach.
“Re-imagining Content Marketing - one Contently story at a time”
Not only is Contently a very user-friendly platform, but it provides access to a wealth of skillful writers who create engaging content for my target audiences, across multiple topics.

Contently Awards

'Voice of the Customer': Content Marketing Platforms
One of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America
ABA’s Customer Success Team of the Year
4x winner of Crain’s Best Places to Work
Digiday Award Winner for Best Content Marketing Platform
Rated G2's #1 Enterprise Content Creation Solution