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An award-winning content creator and content consultant, Kat is as much a storyteller as she is a strategist. She’s worked alongside legacy and startup brands in healthcare, financial services, and media to identify gaps in their marketing strategy and develop creative content solutions that build valuable audience relationships.


Collin helps enterprise companies build efficient and effective content brands and publications. With 14 years of international experience managing media brands and an M.S. in digital media from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Collin can recruit top talent and steer story production through multiple layers of stakeholder management to achieve storytelling excellence. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Collin specializes in financial services and technology.


Natalie is a writer, editor, and type-A Midwesterner with a background in economic development. She’s a longtime contributor to Forbes BrandVoice and Business Insider, covering everything from heady business topics to sunny vacation spots. As a managing editor, Natalie has worked with a wide variety of Contently clients, including technology companies, home improvement publications, pet brands, and global hospitality organizations.


Jen is a bilingual managing editor at Contently. She started her career 12+ years ago as a magazine editor in Mexico City and moved to Australia to earn her master’s degree in publishing and editing. After graduating, she landed a job at Lonely Planet and has been working with travel brands ever since. She loves a good challenge, and since relocating to Mexico, she’s diversified to work with clients in other fields, such as business and entrepreneurship. When she’s not working, you can find her reading on a hammock or exploring new eateries around her ‘hood.


Mariana Janjácomo is a managing editor at Contently. Mariana is passionate about journalism and traveling and came all the way from Brazil to study innovation in media and digital communications at the New York University. She’s excited about getting her master’s degree in 2021! Besides her work here at Contently, she also works as an international correspondent for a TV station in Brazil, and she’s always up to date with the latest news around the world.


Sean is a New York-based managing editor, financial marketer, and recovering NYU professor who oversees content for more than 20 lines of business for Royal Bank of Canada. While at the WSJ, he created content programs for Fortune 500 companies, garnering awards from the Content Marketing Institute, Financial Communications Society and Gramercy Institute. Previously, Sean worked in the Mergers & Acquisitions and Legal & Compliance divisions of Morgan Stanley. He’s also worked with ENI, Greystone & Co., American Express GCP, HSBC, UBS, Discover, FTSE Russell, One Technologies/Credit Resources, and Strategic Funding Source Inc.


Former magazine editor-in-chief and editorial director of some of the first multimedia companies to embrace the magic that is sponsored content, Gina LaGuardia now serves as a Contently managing editor. She boasts more than two decades of experience conceptualizing and executing cutting-edge content strategies and collaborating with top-notch writers for companies across a wide variety of verticals, including personal finance, banking, real estate, senior living, health and fitness, HR and careers, and more.


Philip Garrity is a freelance writer, editor and strategist specializing in finance, consumer banking, business, travel, tech and the gig economy. He was previously director of talent and editorial services at Contently and before that, a staff editor at city-regional magazines. He had one bad year in management consulting. Philip is based in Brooklyn and Malmö, Sweden and edits The Freelancer, Contently’s blog for freelance creatives.


Jes Kirkwood is a freelance managing editor at Contently, where she helps Fortune 500 healthcare and insurance clients build high-performing content programs. She previously led content marketing at Copper, the CRM built for G Suite, and consulted for other B2B SaaS technology startups, including InVision and Autopilot. Her serious strategy chops, expertise in search engine optimization, and knack for storytelling separate her from the pack.

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