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How Brands Should Protect Their Content Marketing From Plagiarism
In the media world, few things matter more than credibility.

The Rules of Millennial Marketing, According to Stock Photos

Want to know the secrets to understanding millennials? Bowties, selfies, and straightforward tattoos.

How Great Content Builds a Strong Company Culture

Why today's biggest brands are adopting a content-first approach across the enterprise.

Why Brands Need to Branch Out From Product-Focused Content

The old adage "write what you know" may be a bit misleading when it comes to content marketing.

Why Good Infographics Are More Than Just Pictures and Numbers

Like a well-written article, a good infographic tells an in-depth story that elicits an emotional response.
Contently Quarterly: The Winter 2016 Issue
In 2012, the first Contently Quarterly was 60 pages and illustrated with low-res photos from my uncle's Instagram. We've come a long way since then.
Catch up on the rest of your content marketing news and strategy

I've interviewed a lot of marketers over the years. Some are clear; some are candid. David Beebe is both.

Stop Interrupting What People Are Interested In, and Become What They’re Interested In

Full of humor and pop culture references, these PSAs stand on their own as great pieces of content marketing.

10 PSAs That Actually Get Your Attention

Back to the Future: Why GE Reimagined Branded Comic Books

Back to the Future: Why GE Reimagined Branded Comic Books

What does the advent of the printing press have to do with Snapchat? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Watch Shane Snow Reveal the Giant Marketing Opportunity You’re Missing

Why We're Building the Next Era of Content Marketing Tech

Why We’re Building the Next Era of Content Marketing Tech


Contently Playbooks: The Dartboard of Content Marketing ROI

How does a small hot tub manufacturer end up at the 2015 Content Marketing Awards, competing against brands like Cisco, Petco, and Quiznos?

Inside the Making of a Small-Business Web Series

A social media agency analyzed 100,000 Facebook ads to find out what marketers need to do to get the most engagement.

7 Ways to Make Killer Facebook Ads

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