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Why It's Time to Standardize Native Ad Labels
Not only are native disclosures ethically important, they're central to the content's purpose.

8 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns That Aren’t Boring

If you can't stand anymore jewelry commercials, this is for you.

‘I Run My Blog More Like a Television Network’: Inside Shopify’s Next-Level Newsroom

Tommy Walker and his editorial team at Shopify have every intention of getting you hooked.

Infographic: Consumers Spend a Lot of Money on Love

Digital marketing is a lot like online dating: It's fueled by blind communication, and one wrong move can ruin a relationship.

15 Poems About Content Marketing

Roses are red, violets are blue. Please buy some content, how about a million or two?
Contently Quarterly: The Winter 2016 Issue
In 2012, the first Contently Quarterly was 60 pages and illustrated with low-res photos from my uncle's Instagram. We've come a long way since then.
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