Measure Content Marketing ROI, Down to the Dollar

Contently’s robust analytics suite measures how your content performs across each stage of the customer journey—delivering the insight you need to make better decisions, faster.

Measure the value of your content marketing

Proving content marketing ROI is the biggest challenge marketers face. Our Content Value dashboard quantifies how much your organic search traffic is worth to your business every month, revealing the hard-dollar value you’re pushing into your marketing funnel. Best of all: it doesn’t require any complex integrations, thanks to our proprietary StoryBook™ technology.

Benchmark success with Performance Analytics

Compare content marketing performance across industry benchmarks, and get automated insights on which tactics are working best. Our Performance Analytics are designed to measure deep audience engagement and make actionable recommendations on how you can improve.

“Contently’s analytics suite is built for content marketers to be able to assess engagement metrics in a way that makes sense.”
-Christine Hoffman,
Content Manager at HouseLogic

Capture leads and measure down-funnel engagement with Docalytics

Optimize the performance of white papers, case studies, proposals, and other high-value assets with heat maps and page-by-page analytics via our proprietary Docalytics tool. Increase lead conversion rates through our “delayed gate” tools, and optimize your “big rock” content strategy via Contently’s proprietary insights.

Measure sales utilization

Track how your sales team uses your sales enablement content and the impact that it makes through our official Salesforce integration and Sales Enablement Analytics—found only at Contently.

Increase team productivity through Production Analytics

See how your team is performing at a glance. Measure key content marketing efficiency metrics such as average completion time, user workload, and user delays to identify bottlenecks, increase output, and demonstrate team improvement over time.

Drive content marketing ROI

Contently’s content marketing platform makes it easy to create high-performing content and measure its impact, down to the dollar. Our customers see:

avg. Content Value ROI generated per year by enterprise customers
ROI on their Contently investment
avg. audience growth in the first 6 months

Create content that builds trust and drives leads

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