Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

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Content marketers today have only a 50-50 chance of being very satisfied or satisfied with their content’s impact on business goals.

Learn key areas of investment for content teams in 2023. In this toolkit, get:

  • The 2023 State of Content Marketing Report highlights content marketers’ investments this year in talent and technology to improve content impact
  • The 2023 State of Content Marketing Infographic
  • Blog Part 1 | Content Marketer for Hire: Why Marketers are Prioritizing Talent
  • Blog Part 2 | What are the Hot Content Marketing Trends in Technology for 2023
  • Webinar Recording | State of Content Marketing 2023 (registration may be required)

Explore findings for 2023 content marketing teams:

  • The skills content teams are developing in their people to do more with the talent they have
  • The technologies do content marketers use the most today and which are growing the fastest
  • The trends can content marketers understand and integrate into their strategies to drive impact

Download your copy today to understand how your content peers are investing in people and enabling technologies to boost content’s impact—and what it means for big marketing trends such as AI adoption, personalization, and more.