Contently Quarterly: The Finance Issue

I went to a small liberal arts school, 20 miles north of New York City, where everything was about storytelling. At the time, it felt like our work was the farthest thing from what was happening on Wall Street. Yet, as I graduated and eventually fell into a strange but wonderful life covering the new wave of brands becoming publishers here at Contently, something surprising happened—I started to notice that when it came to storytelling, some of the savviest brands in the world were finance companies.

That’s why when we were creating the latest issue of Contently Quarterly, our print magazine, we wanted to create an edition that focused on the innovative work being done in the finance world. You’ll read about how companies like Sun Life Financial, ANZ, and Northwestern Mutual changed their reputations with consumers by hiring in-house journalists to deliver value and give advice to the people who needed it. You’ll get the inside story on why American Express embedded a journalist within an unconventional kombucha startup and produced the kind of longform storytelling we’ve come to expect from elite magazines. And you’ll get a crash course in the best branded content created so far this year.

If you’ve already downloaded our “Spring/Summer West Coast Issue,” you’ll notice that the different iterations are similar except for the “Features” section. That’s because a lot of the lessons in the rest of the magazine—on distribution, measurement, risk-taking, unhealthy buzzwords, and taking storytelling risks—are universal. But specifically in the finance industry, there are a few standout companies that deserve the spotlight. That may not have been the case when I was in college, but for the last year, Wall Street’s storytellers have been on the money. And they’re only getting better.

Download Contently Quarterly, The Finance Issue, Spring/Summer 2015, below.