4 Brands That Use Instagram For Killer Social Media Marketing

Instagram allows people to create visually appealing content and brands can do the same. Here are four brands using Instagram in creative ways to expand their business:

NH Hoteles

NH Hoteles uses the tag #wakeuppic to collect photos from users first waking up, and then aggregates it on the Wake Up Pics site in a beautiful fashion. NH Hoteles realized that when people are traveling, the location of the hotel is a necessary detail that could make or break their trip. Seeing views from rooms they could also  enjoy, inspires them to book a room as soon as possible.



The luxury fashion retailer took their Instagram activation even further by creating Shoes About Town, a site that shows all of their Instagram photos taken in Manhattan. Consumers can be part of the action by tagging pictures of the shoes they purchased from Bergdorfs with #bgshoes.This activation builds buzz for their newly expanded shoe salon and allows Bergdorf loyalists to show off their love for the brand.


While heavy on product shots, Starbucks’ Instagram photos are artistic, and play into the emotional connections Starbucks has built with people through every customized cup of coffee.  Starbucks fans can engage with the brand without even being in a location by responding to regular calls to action using the hashtag #starbucks.


General Electric

GE shares images from within the factory as well as photos of their groundbreaking research and technology.  These shots give a romanticized look at the company and what they produce.  The Instagram activation essentially builds good public relations during a time when the company is getting negative attention for paying little income tax during a recession. 


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