How 3 Trailblazing News Sites Publish Content with Integrity [VIDEO]

This is the second post in the Contently Social Content Summit Video Series that The Content Strategist will be posting in the coming weeks.

When The Atlantic ran the infamous Scientology story in January, the world of brand storytellers shuddered. Publishers everywhere took note.

Content creators realized that they were walking a more dangerous tightrope then they had previously thought, and everybody saw that such mistakes in publishing make for lost advertising dollars and, more importantly, damage to hard-earned reader trust.

Panel 2v3 from Contently on Vimeo.

Publishers who support branded content must maintain the interests of brand partners while keeping the good faith of their readership.

At Contently’s Social Content Summit in April, three trailblazing publishers spoke about their approach to advertising. In this video, Business Insider’s Pete Spande, Forbes’s Mark Howard, and Mashable’s Lauren Drell explained their credos and strategies for branded content.

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