Use Pinterest To Keep Your Users Craving Visual Goodness

Pinterest is the virtual version of a designer’s inspiration board. It’s growing at a time when curation and cataloging is inherent to human digital behavior – now that we are finding what we love, we want to share it with others.

The platform is growing – and marketers should consider integrating it into their marketing strategy if their company hits a passion point, like fashion, food, media, or lifestyle. But brands need to be creative in order to fit with the environment without being disruptive. Here are some tips from successful companies utilizing Pinterest the right way:

One of Real Simple’s Thanksgiving Pinterest Boards


Make Your Boards Timely and Relevant  – Real Simple Magazine’s boards are seasonal, recipe themed, and provide quick tips followers will want to save.  All of its boards relate back to its branded message: We provide simple solutions.

Make Your Pins Searchable –  Nordstrom employs the use of tags on its pins expertly, and makes sure its boards titles are terms that people would use to search on Pinterest based on current fashion trends, such as “Fall Wishlist,” “Autumn Accessories,” and “Shoes — Booties.”

Make Sure Photos are a Step Above Regular User Generated Content

HGTV’s “Get Started” Theme boards

Pinterest is about curating content that brings inspiration and emotional appeal.  If you have an active profile on Pinterest for your brand, make sure the photos used to showcase products are a step above product shots.  HGTV does this very well, but shows products in staged settings, not on their own.

Keep Your Customers who are Already using Pinterest Engaged. 

 Etsy products find their way onto Pinterest from a different type of source most are from store owners and users sharing their favorite products.  Organically, the Community section on the Etsy site shows teams of Etsians dedicated to sharing tips on how to use Pinterest.  Etsy made it easy for its store owners to learn from each other and become active on Pinterest, thereby building Etsy’s presence on the platform inadvertently.

Pinterest is still a relatively new platform. Ben Silbermann, the creator of Pinterest, has said that above all, the best thing a brand can do is to start a profile and begin interacting with other users, and learn while doing.The reward from experimentation might be new customers and stronger loyalty to your brand.  Happy pinning!


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