Content Catchup: SEO Secrets, Inside HubSpot’s Content Marketing Machine, and More Must-Read Stories

Here’s what you missed while wondering whether frozen eyeballs are a legitimate reason to miss work…

50 Quotes That’ll Make You a Better Content Marketer

We compiled 50 quotes that get us pumped to do great work every day and turned them into pretty (and easily shareable!) pictures. Enjoy. Read it.

5 B2B Brands That Rock LinkedIn

Are you on top of your LinkedIn game? Before you answer yes, check out the work of five brands that are absolutely crushing it. Read it.

SEO Isn’t Dead. It’s Just Different

There’s a lot of confusion about SEO right now, particularly in the content marketing world. Jordan Teicher spoke to the industry’s top SEO experts and delivers three key strategies you need to follow in 2015. Read it.

Joe Chernov Dishes on How HubSpot Built One of the Industry’s Biggest Blogs

I’ve always believed that the best way to learn is to talk to people who are way smarter than you. That’s why I’ve been interviewing some of the top minds in content marketing of late—Seth Godin, Tomas Kellner, Steve Rubel, and now, Joe Chernov, the Content Marketing Institute’s 2012 “Content Marketer of the Year.” For some reason, he decided to reveal his secret formula for content marketing dominance. Read it.

Inside the AARP’s Brilliant Baby Boomer Content Marketing Strategy, Featuring Dr. Dre

When I was in high school driving around suburban New Jersey and blasting Straight Outta Compton, I never thought I’d be talking about Dr. Dre in the context of the AARP, but here we are. Tessa Wegert has the scoop on why Dre appearing on the (fake) cover of AARP magazine is just the tip of the organization’s beautiful content marketing iceberg. Read it.

Enjoy the weekend. I just got off the phone with my nana, and she wants me to remind you all to wear a jacket.

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