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Business Insider’s Strategy For A New Media World [VIDEO]

In April, a cadre of 200 publishers and advertising specialists gathered in New York’s Bowery Hotel for Contently’s Social Content Summit, which featured insights from nine professionals who have emboldened their brands through unique content and social media.

Contently co-founder Shane Snow sat down with each panelist to discuss the future of content marketing and social media. This is the fourth of a nine-video series sharing some of the day’s learnings.

In this video Pete Spande, chief revenue officer of Business Insider, talks about the evolution of media. “We have to try to find the right answers,” says Pete, “and they tend not to be resting in the past.” But as the world of media shifts and changes those at the forefront of innovation are creating the landscape as they go.

There is no set of rules for content marketing, and each campaign is a custom fit. Business Insider has settled on some hard and soft policies in their choices of brand sponsors and branded content to ensure that, as they move into new realms, they maintain their standards of ethical and important content.

Image by Pavel L Photo and Video
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