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Awesome Content About Content, Week of 11/21

Hey Everyone! 

If you follow our Twitter and/or Tumblr, you know that we like to keep you updated on what’s going on in the world of Content Creation outside of The Content Strategist. Here’s a wrap-up of  things we’ve noticed over the past week.

 How to Jack The News For Marketing Buzz –  ”If you are clever enough to react to breaking news very quickly, providing credible second-paragraph content in a blog post, tweet, or media alert that features the keyword of the moment, you may be rewarded with a bonanza of media attention.”

Google Has Upped Its Standards – Here’s How To Make Sure Your Content Is What It’s Looking For – Google’s newest algorithmic changes actually reward good content – here’s a  great list of how to make sure your work maximizes on them.

Do Short Term Incentives Lead to Long Term Engagement? –  “A thousand highly engaged people online can accomplish much more for a brand than a million loose ties that were bought with an iPad giveaway.”

What’s More Important In The Content Commerce Deal Race – Product or Circulation? – 76.3 percent of the online population will make a purchase on the web. So how should brands integrate commerce and content in the most intriguing ways for consumers?

Do You Use Klout Experimentally? –  Adage layed out some interesting ways brands have worked with Klout to distribute freebies and structure cool campaigns to improve influence. We take a deeper look.



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