Kind Words

Find out what clients have to say about Contently.

What Our Customers Say:

“Brands like GE, which are already telling stories, can benefit from Contently’s access to a huge pool of journalistic talent. It’s like a supermarket for writers. You can pick and choose the writers who suit you the best.”

Tomas Kellner, Managing Editor


“Deploying Contently helped us go to market much faster than we could have otherwise. Having a workflow tool and access to skilled writers helped us produce more than 40 original pieces of content that addressed our audience needs and challenges across different industries and buying centers.”

Amrita Thapar, Content Leader for Marketing


“Contently helps us put efficiency into the content creation process to better track and measure what we’re doing, and gives us the ability to tap into talented people.”

Brian Becker, Executive Director and Head of Content


“Contently has made it possible for our team to view and evaluate all of our content performance in one place—from production to paid distribution and overall engagement metrics. This has helped us improve our day-to-day operations and enabled us to become much more proactive in identifying content assets that shine or don’t meet expectations for our audience.”

John Parris, Director of Field and Channel Marketing


“Contently has been a great resource to Adecco in helping us turn some fairly complex information into great readable white papers. Whether they’re using our data or conducting research, we know we can trust them to create accurate and compelling content that helps us drive leads.”

— John Santangelo, VP of Digital Marketing

“Contently has quickly become our end-to-end solution partner for content creation and distribution on a single platform, and that’s a game-changer for us as we expand aggressively across the North America market. With Contently’s distribution offering and services, SodaStream is able to confidently amplify content to target audiences. We’ve seen high-quality audience segments engaged five to eight times longer on the U.S.’s top publications, and all with a reduced CPC.”

Itai Bichler, Global Digital Marketing Manager

“The challenge was to find the right partner to collaborate in creating unique, original content that would inspire our audience to get outside and explore. Through LaneTerralever and Contently, we were able to set up a process that allowed us to make this happen each month.”

Josue Sierra, North American Digital Marketing Associate


“Contently has been a truly collaborative partner for Weber Shandwick. They understand our needs and how they change from client to client, and have been committed to helping us pair the right creative talent to the right project.”

Jason Kaufman, SVP, Editorial Strategy and Operations


“Developing content that is helpful to our audience has been the most effective way that Contently has helped us build brand awareness and generate leads for the business.”

Ben Plomion, VP of Marketing


“It’s crucial to be able to have a vendor that really puts the story first to help push our philosophy forward. Thankfully, the content has been so good from Contently, and it’s been so well received that message has gotten through and people are excited to share content, and they’re really seeing the results.”

Tara Meehan, Head of Social Content


“The talent level—it’s amazing. It’s the most valuable thing. We’re writing really, really, really high-quality stuff that can stand on its own anywhere, and that’s essential to our success. We have a positive return on every dollar that we spend on content.”

Adam Tanguay, Head of Organic Growth

“We wanted to have people around the world working with us and to have a pool of talent that was much bigger than what we could build in-house. We looked at a few different options and decided that Contently was the right partner for us, particularly because of the storytelling approach and connection to the network of journalist talent.”

Marco Bardazzi, Executive VP of Communications

What the Media Says:

“By offering real, accredited journalists working at top publications who are willing to freelance and are well compensated for the work they produce, Contently has been able to attract a growing roster of big brands.”

Rip Emerson

“In an information economy where attention is money, having dynamite content is the way to win. New York City-based startup Contently is revolutionizing the way online content is produced, and it’s getting some attention of its own. “

Catherine Clifford

“Marketing executives as soon as they see Contently are thrilled to have fast access to willing, top-notch writers in different geographic markets. They used to have to rely on one in-house copywriter, or expensive agencies for everything.”

— Quoting Lee Ann Daly, Investor, Former CMO of Thompson Reuters

“Contently is helping companies produce articles that appear on their own websites, are used in native ad placements and are spread through social media — in essence helping their clients compete in a cluttered media environment.”

— David Carr

“Yes, the Contently platform itself is intuitive, easy to use and organizes things incredibly well. The workflow process makes it easy to create and edit valuable brand content. Imagine the most organized person you know, then envision a platform that you probably need being the embodiment of that person.”

— Doug Zanger

“Contently is a solution for high-end brand publishing. With its network of 40,000 creatives, Contently helps brands create stories, engage audiences, and optimize content. Its proprietary analytics application helps improve your content over time and deliver results.”

Sig Ueland

“Built from the ground up on a philosophy that quality wins over quantity, Contently has created a unique work environment where, oddly enough, it’s employees LOVE BEING THERE. They play soccer, they’re creative, they battle over what music they play in the office — it’s a place any creative would kill to work at. Top tier talent, eat your heart out.”

Karl Stelter

“Contently helps brands like AMEX, Coca-Cola and JP Morgan tell their stories through original content. They understand the need for a brand to tell a good story. As CCO Shane Snow put it ‘no one cares about your marketing goals. But everyone likes a good story.’”

Eric M. Ruiz

“They help customers find great writers that will create content that’s far from the empty-headed ‘we’re the best’ blogs you’ll find on many corporate platforms, and like Wiredrive easily helps you manage what content is being created and for whom. One of the largest issues in content creation is the ‘me-too’ aspect of many companies, and Contently skips that barrier by being part of the entire chain of content management, through to analytics on each post.”

Drew Hendricks

“By matching top-notch journalists with companies that want to publish high-caliber content, Contently can give you the edge you need. It also provides editorial management and content marketing software to help you meet your publishing goals.”

Kristen Tischhauser

“There is a range of writers and prices from which brands can choose. There are, for instance, best-selling authors and Pulitzer Prize nominees, youngsters fresh out of journalism school and a number of others who work for major publications but freelance on the side.”

— Michael Sebastian

“Of the 50 or so companies which graduated from TechStars New York over the past four years, Contently might be the biggest breakout hit. The company started out as a marketplace for freelance writers, but has morphed into a full-on SaaS software provider, helping Fortune 2000 brands from Pepsi to Amex commission content from freelancers and manage the process.”

— David Holmes