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With smart technology, top talent, and the world’s leading content strategy services—and magazine—Contently is the Fortune 500’s most trusted content marketing solution.

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“Brands like GE, which are already telling stories, can benefit from Contently’s access to a huge pool of journalistic talent. It’s like a supermarket for writers. You can pick and choose the writers who suit you the best.”

Tomas Kellner, Managing Editor

“Deploying Contently helped us go to market much faster than we could have otherwise. Having a workflow tool and access to skilled writers helped us produce more than 40 original pieces of content that addressed our audience needs and challenges across different industries and buying centers.”

Amrita Thapar, Content Leader for Marketing

“Contently helps us put efficiency into the content creation process to better track and measure what we’re doing, and gives us the ability to tap into talented people.”

Brian Becker, Executive Director and Head of Content

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“Contently is helping companies produce articles that appear on their own websites, are used in native ad placements and are spread through social media — in essence helping their clients compete in a cluttered media environment.”

— David Carr

“Yes, the Contently platform itself is intuitive, easy to use and organizes things incredibly well. The workflow process makes it easy to create and edit valuable brand content. Imagine the most organized person you know, then envision a platform that you probably need being the embodiment of that person.”

— Doug Zanger

“In an information economy where attention is money, having dynamite content is the way to win. New York City-based startup Contently is revolutionizing the way online content is produced, and it’s getting some attention of its own. “

— Catherine Clifford

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