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Video: How to Create Content Your Audience Actually Cares About

Whenever I’m sitting on content marketing panels—usually perched on a tall stool, terrified that I’ll get too excited and fall—I almost always get the same question: What’s the biggest content strategy mistake brands make?

While there are so, so, so many answers to this question, the top choice is pretty obvious. Most brands get in trouble by focusing too much on what they want to say, and not enough on what their audience cares about.

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A great content strategy requires a deep understanding of your target audience—one that evaluates both quantitative and qualitative factors to learn what your audience wants from you. All marketers should figure this out before they create content that’s new, expensive, and potentially off the mark.

In the second episode of our new Content Marketing Minute series, I reveal the content strategy secrets to building strong relationships with a high-value audience. There are special guest appearances from Lonely Island and Drake. Check it out below, and please try to ignore the creases in my shirt.

Image by gbarkz / Unsplash

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