Content Catchup: Brands’ Tumblr Cluelessness, Shoppable Content, and More Must-Read Stories

Digiday’s Ricardo Bilton noted one week ago that media companies are raising venture capital at an unprecedented rate—for the digital age or any other. For that promise to be fulfilled, brands are going to have to innovate right along with them. It’s time to get caught up on that rising media tide:

How Multimedia Storytelling Is Changing Advertising

Like your favorite Game of Thrones character, traditional advertising’s days are numbered. After all, one-third of millennials now watch absolutely no broadcast TV, according to a 2014 New York Times study. This is causing a lot of brands to panic. But not all of them.

For some, it’s spurring the beginning of a renaissance in brand storytelling through multimedia. These brands are breaking out of the confines of the 30-second spot to experiment with in-depth narratives that go far beyond the simple blog posts of the content marketing 1.0 era. Read it.

Will All Content Soon Be Shoppable?

If Elaine Benes were on the job market today, she just might find herself in high demand.

The Seinfeld character’s experience working for (and getting fired from) both Pendant Publishing and the J. Peterman catalog might make her a perfect fit for a content director; after all, content and commerce are quickly becoming deeply intertwined. Read it.

How Buffer’s Blog Posts Get Shared Thousands of Times

The average Buffer blog post gets shared thousands of times, and it’s helped them acquire millions of users. But it hasn’t always been that way.

What Brands Don’t Understand About Tumblr

Despite being oft-dismissed as a second-tier social network, Tumblr has continued to grow and now boasts 164 million blogs and 72 billion posts. But while all of the top 100 global brands are on Facebook and Twitter, only 31 of them have staked out a presence on the Yahoo-owned micro-blogging platform. Here’s what they don’t get about Tumblr’s quirky community. Read it.

A Brief History of Native Advertising

Native advertising is the hot new trend that’s taking the media world by storm, but is it all that new? (Answer: no.) Journey with us through its hundred-plus-year history. Read it.

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