Content Catchup: WeHeartIt, Jelly, and Other Trends You Need to Be Up On

Let’s be honest: Do you really need to read any more articles about the Super Bowl or State of the Union Address? I mean: Richard Sherman and Barack Obama are two of my favorite people in the world — and members of my “Dream Vegas Weekend All-Star Team — and I’m still sick of this news cycle.

Read these articles instead. They’ll make you feel super smart.

‘Ads That Can Compete With the Best Material Out There’: An Interview With Jay Rosen on the Future of Native

In his first interview on native advertising, Jay Rosen, the godfather of public journalism, lays out a bold and ambitious vision for the future of sponsored content. It’s a must-read.

3 Content Formats That Are About to Take Off (And Be Abused)

Everyone is afraid to be left behind. That’s why most brand publishers and marketers try to pay extra attention to trends and predictions. No one wants to be the last to know about that new technology that could be a game changer, which hot new tool can help them “go viral,” and what bells and whistles can help them gain more social shares.

But that’s also why they fail. We examine three cutting-edge content formats that are destined to be used for good and evil in the coming months.

One Year Later, Is Coca-Cola Journey a Success?

A little over a year ago, Coca-Cola ditched their corporate site for a brand magazine, Coca-Cola Journey, with much fanfare. Has it lived up to the hype?

‘Teen Pinterest’ We Heart It Gives Brands Some Love

Considering how much revenue and traffic Pinterest drives, and how hard Millennial teens are to reach, “Teen Pinterest” should be music to most marketers’ ears. WeHeartIt is welcoming them in by droves.

Are Brands Ready for Jelly?

On the adult side of “hot new social platforms,” we have Jelly. The image-based Q&A platform seems like a dream for brands trying to get their helpfulness on, but is the month-old platform ushering brands through the gate too soon?

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