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A Copywriter’s Breakthrough, Tumblr’s New Revenue Stream, Ad Stereotypes

The Strategist picks the day’s most interesting stories for the content aficionados who love the backstory and reading between the lines. Here are the gems you need to kickstart your Friday:

After 16 Years of Agency Life, Copywriter’s First Solo Ad Is an Instant Hit (AdWeek)
After 16 years of ad agency life, copywriter Matt Bull took a leap of faith in himself to pursue the path of self-employment.

His first gig? A billboard for a local restaurant that’s been up-voted to the front page of Reddit. Here’s a look into the creepy, counter-intuitive, and hilarious style.

Tumblr Adds Sponsored Posts, and the Grumbles Begin (GigaOM)
Two weeks have passed since Yahoo bought Tumblr. The biggest change so far? Sponsored posts.

Users aren’t happy and some feel that Yahoo has ruined the community. Will attitudes change, and will the Tumblr community warm up to the new look and feel? Only time will tell — here is how the online advertising giant is navigating a tough sell.

When It Comes to Slaying Asian-American Stereotypes, Ads Lead the Way (AdAge)
Online ads are power tools — not just for selling, but for social good as well. Writer Bill Imada claims the Asian American community has made its biggest strides in advertising.

In the past few years, more Asian Americans have been cast in commercials and mainstream roles. The consequence? Dozens of opportunities for Asian American actors. Can advertising help accelerate growth for other communities as well?

35 Guilty Pleasure Twitter Accounts (Mashable)
This one made the list because it’s Friday. You’re welcome.

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