Adidas Runs with the Bulls, E-Book NaNoWriMo, Best Branded Content

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Adidas’ Content Marketing Campaign for the Bulls

Adidas created a web series and a hash tag to promote the return of Bulls player Derrick Rose last week, reports Kuno Creative.

Using the hashtag #thereturn, people find the webseries, which chronicle, in five episodes and a commercial, the story. Rose tells his story episode one, in episode two Rose is training and starting over, and in three he’s working hard to get back in the game.

CopyBlogger’s E-Book Writing Month

CopyBlogger is putting a spin on NaNoWriMo, national novel writing month, and holding a “write an e-book” month for content publishers. 

Right now, content makers should be thinking about topics to cover and planning which days it’ll be written. When the e-book event is officially launched on October 31, the site will allow content creators to track their progress.

The Best Branded Content of the Week

The fourth episode is a “behind the scenes” video for the commercial, and in five, “we learn that it is what drives him to be better. It also kind of makes us want to buy the shoes that will help us do better…see how that works?”Last Week’s Best Branded Content

Business 2 Community rounded up the best branded content of last week, which included the LG elevator “prank” video and the Coca-Cola dance vending machine video from South Korea (along with the 007 piece).

Also on the list is Adobe, which made a video called “BS Detector” that promotes its Digital Marketing Cloud, and Ocean Spray, which conducted a stunt where it “set up a 1,500 square foot cranberry bog filled with 2,000 pounds of cranberries smack dab in the middle of Rockefeller center” and put it up on UStream.

Current TV Up for Sale?

The Chief Executive of Current TV, Joel Hyatt, announced that his company might be sold, according to the New York Times.

The cable channel is in 60 million homes in America, and Hyatt, Al Gore, Comcast, and Direct TV are some of its stakeholders. Nightly hosts on Current include Eliot Spitzer, Jennifer Granholm, and Joy Behar.

News. Corp Might Buy Penguin Group

Although it was announced that Random House and Penguin Group were considering a merge, News Corp. has now expressed interest in purchasing Penguin, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The move comes at a time when News Corp. is looking to expand into educational publishing, and when the book industry is being heavily affected by Web retailers like Amazon, Google, and Apple.
Map Shows Tweets Around the World

A new program called Maptimize shows a world view of where one million tweets are coming from at any given time, according to Mashable.

Using geotagging, it “can be viewed as a heat map or cluster and you can narrow the timeframe for when tweets were sent” and each time 20 new tweets are sent out, “20 of the oldest tweets are removed.”

How to Spread an Infographic

Business 2 Community’s Brent Nau says that when companies post infographics, they need to do it on their own websites so that they will receive credit for the content.

The image’s description should match what the infographic is all about for SEO puposes, and it should be easy to embed on social media sites. To reach Twitter users, companies can utilized ClickToTweet, which “will help you generate a link that will allow your users to effortlessly tweet your infographic data snippets.”

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