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Ralph Lauren on Tumblr, Branded Blogging, Best Western’s Facebook Push

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Ralph Lauren Donating for Tumblr Reblogs and Likes

Ralph Lauren, which joined Tumblr in August, is donating $1 to its Pink Pony fund for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month when it receives a like or reblog on its posts.

Mashable reports that the brand will donate up to $25,000, and, as of Oct. 11th, had seen over 500 notes on its post.

Branded Content for Bloggers

Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Chelsea Burcz wrote about a growing trend in the fashion world: The sponsored posts on fashion blogs from brands. She delves into the types of campaign that have been run, and how both the brand and blogger benefit.

As for bloggers that may be skeptical, she says, “You’re still providing your readers with content that is “read worthy” that you wrote — and as long as you announce the post is sponsored or affiliated with a brand (as the FTC guidelines states), it’s kosher.”

A Look at Best Western’s Facebook Push

ClickZ ‘s Matt Kapko wrote about how hotel chain Best Western has been using Facebook to increase sales and customer satisfaction. It was the one of the first hotels to offer reservations on Facebook, and it conducted a survey “to determine the greatest problems facing business travelers.”

The page gained 256,000 new fans throughout its “Be a Travel Hero” campaign, and saw a 12-fold increase in terms of engagement.
Digiday’s Week in Branded Content

Digiday collected some of last week’s best branded content campaigns, including AMC’s Instagram contest on Gawker, in which fans submitted pictures of themselves dressed as zombies, and BuzzFeed’s Microsoft photo collaboration.

Also on BuzzFeed was promotions for Spike TV’s “Ink Master” — the site showed photos of celebrities who made bad tattoo decisions.

Joe Pulizzi’s Content Marketing Insights for 2013

Joe Pulizzi, who established the Content Marketing Institute, published his seven insights about what content marketing will be in 2013.

He says that companies should be developing their mission statements, try to become thought leaders within their industries, get employees involved, and work on content partnerships.
Content Marketing Course from CopyBlogger

Want to know the ins and outs of content marketing? CopyBlogger has got you covered.

Check out its Codex of Content Marketing, a free download comprised of 53 articles on content creation, social media promotion, traffic generation, and content essentials.

Demian Farnworth writes, “This list makes for perfect Twitter content … drip out just one article a day to your readers over a 53 day period, and you’ll look like a content marketing genius.”

Paywalls Helping Newspapers Survive

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Keach Hagey, “paywalls have begun to give newspapers a way to slow, and in some cases reverse, circulation declines, raise prices and open up a new source of revenue.”

Although advertising revenue is still down, papers are finding ways to slow the decline thanks to paywall profits. For example, Gannett, which publishes USA Today, found that such moves, “along with price increases, would bring in an additional $100 million in annual operating earnings next year.”

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