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Designing a Great Inbound Marketing Campaign [INFOGRAPHIC]

Inbound marketing may be all the rage, but not all marketers are hip to how it works. Before making the transition from outbound to inbound marketing, companies need to understand the process.

The first step is to develop a purpose to the marketing plan, figure out the goals, who the target audience is, and how the plan will generate a return on investment, according to an infographic by IMPACT Branding & Design. These may sound similar to an outbound marketing program, but the other steps greatly differ.

IMPACT says that step two is to create a website that is simple to navigate and update, as well as easily viewable on mobile devices.

Then, the next step is increasing traffic, which can be done with the use of a blog (according to IMPACT, it gives a website 55 percent more traffic), smart SEO, and active social media accounts. Once the users are on the site’s landing page, there should be a call-to-action button, which could include a link to the Facebook or Twitter, or a place to subscribe to the company newsletter. Getting those visitors to take that step and sign up is huge.

Jumping in without knowing the purpose of an inbound marketing strategy is not wise. These steps, though, can help marketers transform the way their companies interact with customers and make money.

Image by Flickr

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