How Brands Can Use Google+ for Content Marketing

While brands have not embraced Google+ with as much enthusiasm as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, the site is proving to be an effective marketing resource.

The Content Marketing Institute recently took a look at the pages of Dell and Wired, analyzing how businesses can best make use of the Google+ features. We think it’s a great starter’s guide for content marketers looking to use Google’s social network.

Author Adam Barber says that Dell’s page is updated regularly, showcases a variety of content including videos, infographics, and pictures, and uses +mentions and #hashtags. “Without the character restrictions of Twitter, Dell can provide more value-add when it shares [a] link,” he writes. Wired, on the other hand, emphasizes personalized sharing via employee Google+ accounts, posting archived articles, and putting up mini-blogs, which are helpful when it comes to content marketing efforts.

Lucky for content producers, interesting content holds more weight on Google+. “Valuable content sharing with in-depth comment threads is what users are actively looking for,” says Mashable writer Lauren Hockenson. This is what makes it stand out from Twitter and Facebook, where brands tend to focus on quantity over quality. Since in-depth content can’t be posted in 140-characters, and Facebook is not very blogger friendly, brands can turn to Google+ as a content marketing resource.

Google+ is 90 million members strong and growing, according to Google CEO Larry Page, and it was predicted that by 2013, Google+ will boast 400 million members (to put that in perspective, Facebook has over 800 million). Still, it remains to be unseen as to whether these users will maintain interest and stay active. Although it may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter, Google+ is a unique channel for brands to test out.

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