Content Marketing Boot Camp: Everything You Wanted To Know In One Post

An offline marketing expert recently asked me for a crash course in content marketing through social media. She’d built a powerful personal brand over the years and wanted to take her analog educational resources and research and leverage them online.

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The answers to her question, “What is this content marketing business, and how do I get started?” are smattered across the web. So, I compiled a “boot camp” style reading list for her, things we’d written, curated, or analyzed, drawing from work by experts like Brian Clark and Dan Zarrella. And, in true content marketing fashion, I figured why not publish that list? 🙂

Even if you’re a seasoned veteran, sometimes it’s nice to review the basics. Revisiting content marketing boot camp was a great exercise for me; I hope it is for you, too.

Ten hut!

Content Marketing Basics

What Is Content Marketing?

The Beginner’s Guide To Blogging & Content Marketing

Why A Blog Is The Hub Of Content Marketing

Brainstorming Blog Posts

How To Never Run Out Of Story Ideas

How To Write Headlines For The Web & Social Media

Using Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr To Spread Your Content

Content Marketing On Google+

Content Marketing On Tumblr

Content Marketing On Instagram

Content Marketing On Pinterest

Content Marketing With Video

Content Marketing On Slideshare (coming soon)


Content Strategy Essentials

Creating Editorial Calendars

Building A High Quality Following

Content Distribution

Getting Readers To Stick Around

Measuring ROI On Content Strategy

Content Strategy Best Practices By Successful Brands


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