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Yahoo! Finance | September 3, 2019 Read more

Contently Appoints Pearl Collings as CEO

Contently, Inc., an industry-leading content marketing solution, announced the appointment of Pearl Collings as Chief Executive Officer. She will assume day-to-day leadership of the company and serve as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

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9 Ways to Write and Get Paid Instantly

Are you struggling to pay your bills and looking for something for some gig that can earn you money? Well, I have just the right answer for you. Whether you want a full-time gig, or you are just looking to make some extra bucks, these jobs have you sorted. Here, I have some amazing websites where you can write and get paid instantly.

Libris Stories | July 30, 2019 Read more

14 Brands and 21 Influencers That Inspire Marketers Most

In our latest 2019 Report: Engaging Your Audience with Visual Content, we wanted to explore where marketers are finding inspiration for visual storytelling. Which brands do they admire and who are the industry experts they follow?

TopRank Blog | July 30, 2019 Read more

Content Marketing Planning: How to Build Your Editorial Calendar

Contently editor-in-chief Jordan Teicher proposes a 75/25 rule, wherein one out of every four slots in your calendar is left blank.

“In my years managing the site, I’m certain of one thing: s*** happens,” Teicher writes. “People miss deadlines. Sources don’t respond in time. The design team can’t find the right image. My day gets stuffed with meetings, which prevents me from editing a draft. A flexible content calendar is about more than just coming up with ideas for the current news cycle. It’s also about realistic expectations.”

MorphL | July 22, 2019 Read more

How 10 Marketers Leverage User Search Intent to Generate Growth

Now more than ever, marketers have a chance to trade in their assumptions for data-driven insights about what people truly want.

Forbes | July 7, 2019 Read more

Contently’s Joe Lazauskas: In An Age Where Experience Rules, Content Still Shares The Throne

We have migrated to an era where brand experience is everything. While this is so, the age of content as king has not ended, rather it has just evolved. What this means is that as brand experiences become more rich and robust, content is taking different shapes and forms, and increasingly becoming a tool not just designed to generate awareness, but more importantly, educate, inform, build trust and help advance customers on their journey.

Marketing Showrunners | June 13, 2019 Read more

3 of Marketing’s Boldest Executives on Why Brands Must Prioritize Total Time Spent

The Marketing Showrunners Blog provides insights on making original series to build passionate audience. Because marketing isn’t about who arrives. It’s about who stays. | June 6, 2019 Read more

Want to Bring Your Dog to Work?

Want to bring your dog to work? These are America’s most pet-friendly companies of 2019. These pet-friendly offices offer perks like on-site dog walkers, pet happy hours and more.

Exceptions by Jay Acunzo | June 5, 2019 Read more

Contently on What We Really Mean When We Say Brand Story

In the penultimate episode of Exceptions, we try to move storytelling back from buzzword to core component of our jobs as marketers. What does it take to tell a gripping story? What does a brand story do for a business, and how do we vet and tell stories nobody else is telling? We talk to Contently’s Editor-in-Chief Jordan Teicher to find out.

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