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Contently Looks Back at 2018: Campaigns, Workshops, and Content Mastery

It may be because I’m a new father, but it feels like 2018 flew by. My son is approaching his second birthday, and here we are planning for 2019. As both CEO of Contently and a father, I’m already thinking about what next year (and the years after that) will look like, while still wondering how November is over already.

I know I’m not alone. Marketers have to keep an eye on both the past and the present. Marketing–and content marketing especially–is a delicate balance between planning for the future, staying nimble to respond in real time, and analyzing past performance metrics to inform continuous optimization. When you’re in the thick of it, it can be pretty chaotic and hard to find your footing.

This year, we set out to help marketers conquer content chaos by giving them tools to align their people, strategy, and technology. We launched campaigns, which help marketers understand how a piece of content fits into an overall strategy (not to mention its budget). We rolled out our content request feature to help marketers rely on their internal subject matter experts with ease. We also added to our already robust strategy offering with editorial workshops, which help marketers tackle ambitious projects with a blueprint of best practices.

Individually, these features solve pain points and help marketers execute at scale. When viewed holistically, though, they help marketers achieve content mastery.

Today’s marketers are expected to be Swiss Army knives. They’re supposed to write, edit, shoot video, run campaigns, analyze data, prove ROI, work with sales, help accounts, know HTML, and then maybe sleep if there’s any time left in the day—not exactly the best formula for success. But with the right strategy and tools, not to mention the right partner, marketers can create content centers of excellence that power their organizations and their strategy.

I’d say that 2018 went by too fast, but I can hardly wait for what 2019 has in store.

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