Contently Q3 Product Launch: Content Requests, Editorial Workshops, and Language Localization

Creating breakthrough content is difficult. Having a system in place to do it repeatedly is even harder.

Brands must have a clear understanding of their audience, goals, and objectives. They also need to secure internal buy-in and alignment, and have a clear understanding of the tools needed to execute the plan. Even after marketers have addressed those operational challenges, they still need to be able to tell a great story that moves the needle for their business.

As Contently’s VP of product, I’m always thinking about ways we can empower marketers to succeed at their jobs. This quarter, we’re releasing a few key features and services that will help them be more efficient, create more engaging content, and ultimately drive more results.

Content requests

Marketers are often subject to requests from different departments in their organization. These projects can really start to add up, making it nearly impossible to keep track of all the external asks. Moreover, marketers and internal communications teams are turning to their employees for content ideas, but sourcing them efficiently remains a challenge. As content teams continue to play a bigger role in customer marketing, internal comms, and sales enablement, they need a way to oversee and prioritize production across the company.

content requests

As a result, we developed a content requests feature that will make it easy for marketers to manage asks from other teams. Users will now be able to receive standardized and detailed content requests, accept or reject the brief, provide organized feedback, and jump straight into creating the asset without wasting any time. They’ll also be able to collect content ideas in a central location, which will increase visibility for internal comms, sales enablement, and other initiatives that require input from outside the core marketing team.

Editorial workshops

Some people treat creativity as though it’s a purely intuitive skill. We believe anyone can learn how to create breakthrough content—as long as they have the right guidance to help them get there.

This quarter, we are releasing new in-person workshops led by Contently’s executive editor, Deanna Cioppa. The goal is to provide customers with the essential tools, resources, and knowledge for tackling ambitious projects. New workshops include:

  • Subject Matter Expert Workshop: Learn how to train internal experts on editorial best practices and identify ways they can contribute to your content program.
  • Video Strategy Workshop: Plan and execute a video strategy that truly connects with target audiences in this one-day workshop.
  • Event Content Workshop: Explore how to maximize the impact of your events by developing a custom strategy, outlining a separate workflow, and brainstorming specific ideas.
  • Buyer’s Journey Workshop: Study your target audience and tailor content for each stage of your customer’s buyer journey.
  • Brand Magazine Workshop: Kickstart your brand magazine production in this one-day workshop. Create your brand magazine’s identity and goals, brainstorm story ideas, create a working copy of your magazine grid, and develop a design concept to guide your art direction.

International language localization

Whether you’re trying to distribute content through lines of business across the world, or you’re someone who primarily works in another language, collaborating in multiple languages can be costly and time-consuming. It also can get in the way of working with subject matter experts. For brands ready to take their content global, we’ve upgraded language localization support on our platform.

To help international and bilingual clients like Eni, Hilton, and Ricoh, our platform now supports Spanish, Italian, and UK English, with more languages to come.

If you want to learn more, click here to talk to a content expert. 

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