The 2019 Contently Summit: Keynote Presentations

The 2019 Contently Summit was one day full of 10 sessions that featured 24 speakers from 11 different companies. Over 200 people attended the event to hear about content mastery from peers and colleagues. The sessions covered everything from sales enablement and data-driven marketing to ROI models and journalistic advice.

To make sure everyone can reference and benefit from the day’s insights, we’re publishing the presentations in full here. Scroll down for links to each deck presented at Summit.

Marketing vs. Sales: Getting Buy-In for Your Content Marketing Program

If an article goes up on your site and nobody is around to read it, does it make an impact? That’s what’s at risk when marketing and sales teams fail to work together. Even though they share common goals, they don’t always communicate, which leads to content chaos, wasted resources, and lackluster results.

This session covers how marketing can join forces with other teams to get the most out of content and build buy-in across the enterprise.


  • Whitney Jones, Director, Enterprise Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, Cardinal Health (Slides)
  • Stacy Simpson, SVP & CMO, Genpact (Slides)
  • Brad Young, VP, Digital Content Strategy, Prudential (Slides)

Data-Driven Marketing: A Contently Customer Story

Marketers have more access to data than ever, but understanding how to actually use it isn’t always easy. In this keynote, see how you can make sense of the numbers to escape content chaos and master the content lifecycle. (Click here to see the full presentation slides.)


  • Jason Lewin, Director, Digital Marketing & Optimization, RBC Wealth Management, RBC
  • Ashleigh Patterson, Senior Director, Global Content Marketing & Social Media, RBC

How ContentlyOne Is Solving Content Chaos

Learn how Contently’s latest features will help companies improve the way they share assets across teams, integrate with other tools in their marketing stacks, and use data through automated strategic recommendations. (Click here to see the full presentation slides.)


  • Sanjay Ginde, VP of Engineering, Contently
  • Sunil Chaudhary, Product Director, Contently
  • Katie Dreier, Senior Product Manager, Contently

Proving ROI: Different Models Marketers Use to Show Success

ROI is a simple concept, but proving it can be intimidating. Why? Because there’s more than one way to show success, and people aren’t sure which approach is best for their situation. In this session, marketers from B2B and B2C brands show their ROI models and explain how they connect their content to results.


  • Robin Bennefield, Editorial Director, Marriott Creative & Content Marketing, Marriott (Slides)
  • Shawna Dennis, VP of Marketing & Communications, MD Financial (Slides)
  • Lily Wong, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Sales, RBC (Slides)

Ask a Content Strategist

With over 20+ years of enterprise content marketing experience, Contently’s head strategists have seen it at all. Join them for a live Q&A session where they tackle the most pressing questions facing content marketers. (Click here to see the full presentation slides.)


  • Giuseppe Caltabiano, Head of Content Strategy, EMEA, Contently
  • Joe Lazauskas, Head of Marketing, Contently

Content Strategy 101: Who is Your Audience and What Are They Searching?

Marketers love to talk about being customer-centric, but it’s rare that we look at content strategy from our customer’s eyes. In this session, see why your content strategy needs to be guided by audience intent. (Click here to see the full presentation slides.)


  • Alli Manning, VP of Content Services, Contently
  • Kristen Poli, Manager of Content Strategy Services, Contently
  • Felicity Blance, Content Strategist, Contently

The New Newsroom: How Brands Are Creating Breakthrough Content by Thinking Like Media Companies

In this roundtable, hear from marketing leaders who are using journalistic best practices to produce timely and worthwhile content at scale.


  • Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich, Managing Partner & President, Editorial Operations, Masthead Media (Slides)
  • Candice Jones, Principal Brand Content Strategist, Amtrak (Slides)
  • Anna-Lee Muck, Editor-in-Chief, Dell Technologies (Slides)


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