Content Catchup: Snapchat’s Plan to Revolutionize Advertising, Instant Articles for Brands, and More Must-Reads

Here’s what you missed while wondering why summer Fridays don’t start on Wednesday…

6 Ways Snapchat Plans to Revolutionize Digital Advertising

Evan Spiegel doesn’t like to talk to the press; he prefers to spend his time building a $15 billion empire (and probably broing out pretty hard). But this week, he gave a rare interview to Bloomberg, and revealed the strikingly unconventional way he thinks about digital advertising. Amanda Walgrove breaks it all down. Read it.

Why Ambitious Content Is the Only Content That Matters

If brand publishers want to see true success, they need to step up their game, writes Contently Senior Managing Editor Ryan Galloway in his latest thought piece:

For traditional media outlets, one of the most critical channels for building a readership is the old-fashioned “exclusive.” They get the coveted interview. They publish the big scandal before the other guys. In short, they have something no one else has. Brand publishers aren’t breaking news (yet), but they have a similar opportunity to earn seismic readership gains by giving the audience something they can’t get anywhere else.

Read it.

5 Takeaways for Content Marketers From Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

If you’ve procrastinated going through Mary Meeker’s epic annual 197-slide report, have no fears: Dillon Baker is here with the five big things you need to know. A tease: vertical screens are in, and nothing is more important to 12- to 24-year-olds than Instagram. Read it.

3 Ways Facebook Instant Articles Will Be Big for Brands

Two weeks ago, we examined what Facebook Instant Articles mean for the media world; this week, we turned our attention to the three big ways Instant Articles will impact brands.

Facebook has only opened up this technology to nine publishers in the world so far; there’s little chance marketers will get access to the technology this year. But that doesn’t mean Instant Articles are irrelevant for brands. Nothing about Facebook is irrelevant for brands, especially when it’s a powerful mobile technology like this.

Read it.

Contently Comic: Tell Us Your Brand Story

And finally, your weekly comic. Click through for my accompanying rant, but otherwise, get off your computer and go enjoy the weekend. We’ll see you Monday.


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