Content Catchup: Amex Raises the Bar for Brand Storytelling, Content Marketing Soulmates, and More Must-Reads

Here’s what you missed while trying to figure out how to tell your boss that reading the quarterly report over the course of 873 Vines is a terrible idea…

Content Express: How Amex Raised the Bar for Longform Brand Storytelling

Content Express: How Amex Raised the Bar for Longform Brand Storytelling

A lot of brands talk about “committing to content,” but Amex showed what that overused phrase really means when they embedded a reporter in a North Carolina startup, Buchi Kombucha, for three months to document their unique and compelling story, writes Celine Roque:

“The Journey“ is a prime example of what happens when a company executes its content marketing with an ambitious editorial mindset. Each of the story’s seven chapters contains high-quality photos of the founders, their staff, and the 180-acre property that holds their farm and brewery. There are three short video documentaries that intimately profile the Buchi team, and the written part totals over 10,000 words. Read it.

7 Things Marketers Should Know About Working With Journalists


As brands get serious about storytelling, a lot of marketers find themselves just now working with journalists for the first time, and they’re inexperience with this relationship can lead to some frustrating and poisoned relationships. Ryan Galloway has the scoop on what marketers need to know. Read it.

How Sun Life Financial Turned Their Blog Into a Lead-Gen Machine

Sun Life Financial Content Marketing

It’s finance content marketing week here on The Content Strategist, and in this piece, we look at Sun Life Financial, which turned their content strategy around by doing something that’s not exactly intuitive for brands—they stopped talking about themselves.

Brighter Life shaped itself as a resource by focusing on useful tips and tools about money, health, family, working life, and retirement. Sun Life made sure their content served consumers, not the company’s bottom line.

“Consumers are quick to dismiss content that’s little more than thinly veiled sales messaging,” Brenda Spiering, manager of content strategy at Sun Life Financial and editor for, said. “Brighter Life articles do not discuss Sun Life-branded products and services. Instead, the site looks to engage consumers with content that’s credible, unbiased, written in plain language, and free of marketing tactics.” Read it.

‘The Antidote’: Jay Baer on How Brands Can Stop Annoying People and Start Earning Trust


Content marketing savant and best-selling author Jay Baer spends his days traveling the world and helping brands turn their content marketing around. In an in-depth interview, he reveals what your brand is doing wrong—and what you need to do to get it right. Read it.

Quiz: Who’s Your Content Marketing Soulmate?

Who's Your Content Marketing Soulmate

A little fun to end your week—because you know you’re dying to know. Take it.

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