Spike Lee Just Took a Branded Content Job, So Here Are 10 of His Movies Remixed for Content Marketing

Seemingly in search for something to take his mind off the dismal 10-45 Knicks, Spike Lee is getting in on the branded content game.

Yesterday, Complex—the millennial-focused media company founded by filmmaker and fashion designer Marc Ecko—announced they were bringing in Lee as a branded video consultant. As you’ll see in the Wall Street Journal video below, content marketing has never sounded so cool.

“Marc approached me about this vision of coming on board, collaborating, in this new field—branded content, and digital—and I was like, bet. Let’s go,” Lee says in the video.

Complex has been long on the forefront of the branded content game, not only running sponsored content on their network of sites, but also helping big-time brands like Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper build owned media platforms. Landing a big name like Lee should only help them build on their burgeoning rep. “There are no specific rules. We can do what we want to do,” Lee, who has evidently never been through the branded content legal approval process, explains.

In honor of Spike Lee joining the branded content game, Contently associate editor Jordan Teicher and I remixed 10 classic Spike Lee joints for content marketing:

1. The Original Kings of Content

2. Do the Right Thing (and Invest in Owned Media)

3. Godin Doin’ Work

4. Bamboozled by Native

5. 25th Hour of Legal Approvals

6. Inside Marketer

7. She’s Got to Have It (and By ‘It,’ I Mean a Way to Tie Content to Business Results)

8. Love and Content Marketing

9. Podcast Fever

10. He Got ROI

Jordan says that he’d only watch He Got ROI if it was a sequel about Jesus Shuttlesworth trying to choose between jobs at BuzzFeed and Vox after retiring from basketball because of injuries. I’d watch this movie just for the scene in which Jonah Peretti tries to recruit Jesus with strippers and stacks of LOL stickers.

Got any good Spike Lee content marketing movie remixes? Tweet me @joelazauskas and save me from doing real work.

Image by Victoria Will/Invision/AP

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