10 Content Marketing Predictions for 2015 From Top Industry Minds

During the Contently Summit last week, I weaved my way through a sea of content marketers during happy hour and interrupted their sips of Peroni to ask their content marketing predictions for 2015. Some of these marketers have been in the field for some time, while others are just starting to get familiar with content marketing. Nonetheless, they all had some pretty interesting predictions for 2015.

1. Audrey Gray, AVP, Lead Communications Strategist, Global Tech & Operations at MetLife @AudreyGray

We’ll be adopting content performance metrics that align to very specific business goals beyond brand awareness.

2. Chad Mumm, Creative Director at Vox Media, Inc. @chadmumm

I think that we’re gonna start seeing the idea of platform agnostic content. How do we extend this to a site, YouTube, Twitter, or Pinterest? Taking that capabilities to clients—taking a single campaign and extending them to different platforms will be important for our brands. In some cases, it could be adapting content, and in others, it could be creating new content for a specific platform.

3. Josh Porter, AVP, Digital Marketing Manager at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I predict there will be a lot more infographics and more short stories, rather than longform.

4. Helen Mussard, Vice President, Global Marketing at Vibrant Media @HelenVibrant

Real time—being able to align content to things that have just happened and not just have an editorial calendar set up. [Editorial calendars] are important, but I think there will be a focus on things that break and are topical.

5. Stacie Grissom, Content Manager at BarkPost @SewStacie

Video is going to be huge. The way to reach influential consumers is through video.

6. Noah Smith, Owner/Art Director at Scrap Labs, Inc.

Designers will come up with universal languages that transcend the written language.

7. Raunak MunotDirector, Social Strategy at GroupM @raunakmunot

One impression doesn’t do anything, you need to reach people multiple times to move the needle. In social, sequential messaging will become imperative and success measurement will move beyond engagement rate alone.

8. Neil ChaseDigital Marketing Consultant @chaseneil

A branded content piece will win a journalism prize.

9. Lauren Coulston, Vice President of Content Marketing & Social at JPMorgan Chase @LaurenCoulston

There will be more of a focus measuring and proving success.

10. Larry Lieberman, former CMO of ooVoo and current COO Vidui @liebermanlarry

Brands will use animals as their content creators because everyone wants to watch a dog do anything.

Now we wait and see which ones come true. Have predictions of your own? Tweet them to us @Contently.

In an earlier version of this piece, the quote by Raunak Munot was incorrectly attributed to Steve Raunak.

Image by Unsplash

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