Podcast: How Brands Can Package Their Content to Go Viral

Viral content! You hear that term so often nowadays, you’d think it was some uncontrollable disease turning half the world’s population into Snapchatting zombies.

But how do you make content go viral consistently? What’s the secret to BuzzFeed and Upworthy’s unprecedented success? Is this even a game that brands can play?

Yesterday, I discussed these topics and more on “The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty,” a podcast hosted by The Web Psychologist, Nathalie Nahai. In the podcast above you’ll learn:

  • How to package content to help it go viral
  • Why Upworthy and BuzzFeed have made it so big, so quickly
  • The curiosity gap—what it is, and how you can use it to increase views
  • How data has transformed the editorial and content marketing industry
  • Why Google is actively crawling longform content—and how you can benefit
  • What system you should be using to improve your content strategy
  • Owned media—why it’s so valuable, and what you should be using it for
  • What to do if you want to compete in the digital publishing space
  • Key metrics you should use to measure the success of your content marketing
  • The reason pageviews are useless for measuring engagement
  • Why transparency in native advertising is great for everyone
  • How to balance native and home content to reach more engaged people
  • The biggest mistake brands make when trying to tell their story
  • The top 3 tips for telling your brand story better

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Image by Chris Harvey

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