See Which Brands Freelance Creatives Would Give Up Their Freedom to Work For

As brands create more and more content, thus opening up more job opportunities, significant debate arises about whether freelance creatives really want to give up their bohemian bliss for a corporate gig. According to a recent study by Working Not Working, a network that connects freelancers with corporate gigs, the answer is “Yes!” Especially if your brand is cool.

Working Not Working surveyed 500 freelance art directors, writers, designers, developers, producers, and photographers, asking them to name the one company they’d give up their freelancing freedom to go work for. One hundred and eighty-seven companies earned a vote. Working Not Working published the top 46 answers on their blog, and, somewhat surprisingly, the list included quite a few brands.

Brands Freelancers Would Give Up Freedom For

Via Working Not Working

There are a number of entries here that may stand out to you: Red Bull, Nike, Adidas, Google, Partner and Spade, Patagonia, NASA, and Tesla, amongst others. What’s the common thread besides their cool reps? They all make pretty awesome content. (And those two things aren’t mutually exclusive.)

“Some of the places on the list, like NASA and Red Bull, shocked me,” Justin Gignac, co-founder of Working Not Working, told our sister site, The Freelancer. “People simply want to be a part of a brand they’re excited about.”

This study alludes to one of the unsung advantages of creating great content as a brand: Once you get a reputation for doing great work and reel in a big audience, it becomes much easier to attract top talent. This is something we’ve experienced in recent months at Contently as we’ve strived to produce more high-quality (and occasionally brutally honest) content and built an audience of over 150,000 readers.

Awesome content: It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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