4 Awesome Pieces of Olympic Content for Sports Haters

Sports, schmorts. For some people, no amount of pomp, international unity or unitards can make the Olympics bearable. But some savvy brands aren’t giving up on the sports-averse, crafting Olympic content that targets a broader audience than just the jocks and super-patriotic.

For fantasy nerds

If you’re into drama, literature, danger and fantastical excess, you’re likely a fan of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Whether or not you’re also into biathlons is another story, but the BBC is hoping to get you there. To really seal the deal, the BBC enlisted British actor and “Game of Thrones” star Charles Dance to do the haunting narration, which definitely includes the following lines:

The ones that came before you.

Stood strong and tall and brave.

But I stole their dreams away.

Those dreams could not be saved.

Need I say more?

For anyone with a heart

If you can watch this video without crying, you’re probably just too worried about the two little kids falling off that really high wall they’re sitting on.

In response to Russia’s anti-gay position, the organization LIVE AND LET LOVE gathered thousands of LGBT individuals and supporters in the Swedish Olympic Stadium in Stockholm to sing the Russian national anthem and fly rainbow flags. SPOILER ALERT: The kids do not fall off of the wall, and, all joking aside, it’s possibly the nicest thing that has ever happened on the internet.

According to the group’s website, “LIVE AND LET LOVE is a message to the Russian LGBT-people that they are not alone, but also an urging to Russian leaders to choose love instead of hate and fear when making laws to rule over people’s lives, their human rights, and above all, their love.”

For the 17 Canadians who aren’t obsessed with winter sports

It may be going out on a limb to imagine there are any Canadians who aren’t into winter sports, but just in case, the Canadian Olympic Committee’s #WeAreWinter campaign is there to remind them that being Canadian is synonymous with being really freaking cold ashamed of Justin Beiber a wintertime badass.

The video is narrated by Canadian poet Helen Fairbairn’ s “The Winter Spirit (Origin of the Ice Palace)” and shows cold people trudging around valiantly and being all, “I LOVE GOING OUTSIDE WHEN IT HURTS.” Where the campaign gets really fun is on Twitter; #WeAreWinter is getting lots of traction as Canadians report their excitement for the games and love of hypothermia-inducing conditions.

For those who don’t totally resent their mothers

Just when you thought you had absolutely nothing in common with the world’s elite athletes, Proctor & Gamble has figured it out: Everyone has a mom!

P&G even created a full-on social media campaign to engage mom-loving humans throughout the games. A Thank You, Mom Facebook page and the Twitter account, along with the hashtags #BecauseofMom and #ThankYouMom, allow people to share how much they love their moms.

Thirteen million views on YouTube so far confirms that motherly love is still in style. Hey, who says  you can’t recycle a discarded Mother’s Day strategy in the middle of February?!

Next up: A campaign about how much people hate their dads for never teaching them to ski or curl or luge or anything that would earn them a free trip to Sochi.

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