Branded Content Catchup: The Dark Lord of the Internet, and the Battle for the Soul of an Industry

It was a crazy week: branded content turned into an evil weapon. Tumblr turned into Big Twitter. A certain CCO promised to battle for the soul of branded content. At The Content Strategist, we were on the beat. Check it out:

This Week’s Top Stories in Content Marketing

20 Brand Publishing Predictions for 2014

At Contently, we’re always thinking about the present and future of brand publishing. Here are 20 predictions for brand publishing in 2014 from around our Soho office. Find out the major issue that’s destined to get brand publishers in trouble, and what will happen to BS metrics.

The ‘Dark Lord of the Internet’ Used Sponsored Content As His Secret Weapon

What was the secret weapon of the man The Atlantic has crowned “The Dark Lord of the Internet?” Deceitful advertorials — including the kind you’ll find on reputable sites like Yahoo and MSNBC. It’s a cautionary tale for brands and traditional publishers alike..

David Remnick on How Writers and Publishers Can Thrive in the Digital Age

The same question haunts most every publisher: On a limited budget, how do you create and publish the best possible content?

David Remnick has some answers.

What Tumblr @Mentions Mean for Publishers

Tumblr is finally following in the footsteps of Twitter (and Facebook…and Instagram) and adding @mentions. What took them so long? And what does this mean for brand publishers looking to leverage the platform?

We Just Raised $9 Million – Here’s Why

Contently co-founder Shane Snow’s tour de force post on the state of the brand publishing industry is a must read. There’s a battle for the soul of branded content coming. Which side are you on?

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