Branded Content Catchup: LinkedIn Goes All-In and Other Must-Reads

What’s that? You’re in desperate need of 5 awesome stories to read while you head home for the holidays? Well, if you insist…

5 Awesome Pieces Of Branded Holiday Content, From HR Elves To Coca-Cola’s Secret History Of Santa

Because it’s never too early to start planning for how your brand will dominate the holidays next year. Plus, there’s a pornographic involved. Despite what that sounds like, it’s totally safe for work.

Brands Want To Become Media Companies. Here’s How They Can Do It.

Everywhere you look, brands are turning into media companies — or at least they’re trying to. As we head towards 2014, the conversation for brands has permanently shifted from “Should we become a media company?” to “How do we do it?”

Brand publishing hotshot Michael Brito has some answers.

Best of Branded Content: Birdbnb

In its first major marketing campaign, Airbnb has created an epic piece of brand storytelling. It’s a must-watch, unless birds really freak you out.

LinkedIn Makes Its Big Branded Content Move

LinkedIn wants to be the social media site that gets high-value eyeballs on your content. They’re going all in to make it happen.

Was Anchorman 2’s Content Marketing Better Than The Movie?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Anchorman 2’s content marketing was freaking awesome. In fact, it might be the rare situation where it was far superior to the film itself.

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