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5 Awesome Pieces of Branded Holiday Content, From HR Elves to Coca-Cola’s Secret History of Santa

All brands want for Christmas is for you to read and watch their content. (Well, that and buy their stuff.) This makes them just like every other publisher in America.

Holiday content, however, is one area where brands seem to have a leg up; buying stuff may not be the reason for the season, but it’s certainly the biggest activity. So gather around the fire, and let grandmother Content Strategist tell you about five brands who nailed their holiday content.


Missing your family and friends who are spread out across the world this holiday season? Google+ Hangouts has got your answer—and the cutest video starring Wallace and Gromit. From experience, Google has found that having adorable characters dance around is the best way to advertise Google Hangouts, and unsurprisingly, this video has attracted over 2.5 million views since it was released last year. Now if only they could turn your judgmental uncle across the pond into an adorable puppet, we’d really be in business.



In early October, we called on PornHub to put their data to good use and create an awesome OkTrends-esque blog. A month later, they did just that.

Causation? Coincidence? Who knows. But we do now know that a house full of relatives strongly deters people from watching porn. PornHub took one of the simplest analytics to track, website traffic, and created one of the most intriguing interactive infographics of all time. Genius. Here’s what we found out: While the amount of porn being watched decreases by 25 to 32 percent in North America on Christmas Day, porn views actually increase by 8 percent in Japan. Draw your own conclusions, and play around with the other holidays. You’ll never guess what happens on Black Friday.


Ever wonder how Santa keeps it all together? Well it turns out that his elves can do more than build wooden trains; they’re also masters of cloud-based marketing software! In this nifty infographic, SalesForce shared how its service is helping Santa and his team communicate via the cloud and how businesses can follow in St. Nick’s footsteps.

You have to imagine, though, that the HR Director elf in this infographic has a tough job. What with the whole borderline-slavery thing and frigid working conditions and all.

Harvey Nichols

Have you ever accidentally bought yourself a pair of Louboutins while shopping for your niece’s holiday gift? Oops! Good thing Harvey Nichols has released the “Sorry, I spent it on myself,” gift set, perfect for this very occasion. From toothpicks , to elastic bands, to gravel, the “Sorry, I spent it on myself” gift set makes sure that no one comes away empty-handed. After all, it’s not just elastic bands — it’s elastic bands from Harvey Nichols.



Coca-Cola helped shape the image of Santa.” Who knew? Well, you probably did. It’s no mystery that Coca-Cola pretty much invented the modern-day image of Santa; what’s more of a mystery is exactly how they did it. This piece reveals all. Did you know, for instance, that he’s based on a salesman? Or that his first elf was named “Sprite Boy”? This awesome story is sure to help anyone #winChristmas during their holiday dinner conversation.

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