Content Catchup: Marketing Concepts Hitting On Imaginary Women, Traditional Media In Peril

In a few days, I’ll be going over the river and through the swamps to grandmother’s house for a Thanksgivingkuh in Jersey, where we carve our turkeys with one hand and pump our fists with the other. Thousands of my fellow content-obsessed folks will be making a similar trek and in desperate need for something to read on the way. Luckily, I’ve got a few stories so good that they’ll forget they’re doing work-reading on their day off.

The Contently Show Episode 3: Traditional Media In Peril [VIDEO]

It’s always fun when you get to talk to a digital marketing free agent with no loyalties and no reason to hold back. On this week’s contently show, Eric Goeres, former General Manager of Digital Product at Hearst, dished out a heaping dose of honesty about how “the publishing industry has 18-24 more months to get their act together.” It’s definitely worth six minutes of your time.

Content Marketing Lessons From Rand Paul’s Plagiarism Fiasco

Ghostwriting is a bigger part of the B2B content marketing game than most anyone wants to admit. That’s why content marketers need to learn from Rand Paul’s plagiarism fiasco.

Adaptive Journalism: A Publishing Trend That’s Not Going Anywhere

If Darwin was a content strategist in 2013, he’d be all about this hot new trend. No word yet on whether it’s implementation will be banned in Texas.

Should Every Company Try To Be A Red Bull?

According to a new report, CMOs are really latching onto the idea that they shouldn’t try to be a Red Bull. Here’s why that’s a dangerously short-sighted stance.

Watch Traditional Media And Content Marketing Battle To Seduce Consumers [VIDEO]

Nothing speaks to an industry audience quite like personified marketing concepts hitting on imaginary women in an ambiguous, white room. Especially when those personified marketing concepts have British accents.

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