Watch Traditional Media And Content Marketing Battle To Seduce Consumers [VIDEO]

Nothing speaks to an industry audience quite like personified marketing concepts hitting on imaginary women in an ambiguous, white room.

Ahead of the Content Marketing Association’s International Content Marketing Summit on November 27th, the organization has released a short video clip, called “How can Content Marketing help you pull?” It plays off the British slang for picking up girls and breaks down the evolution of content marketing in layman’s terms. (No pun intended.)

The video introduces two men asserting their respective strategies for picking up women. One guy is Traditional Media (the weaselly looking one) the other is Content Marketing (slicked back hair, manicured scruff, nicely fitted suit jacket). The two men have very different methods and philosophies on how to effectively market themselves to the opposite sex. Content Marketing believes in having a conversation with the right girls. Traditional Media wants to shout at as many women until one has sex with him. You can guess which one wins, and eventually, Traditional Media follows Content Marketing’s lead to much success (though the actual pulling happens off screen, seemingly in another ambiguous, but more romantic, white room).

It’s always interesting to see how content marketers use content marketing themselves. (Come to think of it, that’s what this magazine is for Contently. META!) And as a piece of content marketing, the video — although a bit campy — is a success. It has over 24,000 views in just a few weeks on YouTube, and has driven over 500 industry players to the event’s site.

“The video came from a quote from one of the CMA’s members on how content marketing is a long-term relationship, and not just a one night stand,” said CMA’s Digital, Events and Marketing Manager Amanda Burrell. “We thought this could create a catching and light-hearted comparison to gain both exposure and understanding of the discipline the CMA represents.”

“There are several variations of what content marketing means,” Burrell added. “Is it PR? Is it native advertising? Is it SEO? We wanted a voice within this to cut through with our message.”

The video definitely accomplishes its goal, although you have to hope Content Marketing’s game abstains from listicles. “37 Reasons You Should Go Home With Me” rarely works.

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