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Alton Brown’s Anti-Twitter, Good’s Social Network, Storytelling 101

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How Alton Brown Made Anti-Twitter Work on Twitter

This falls into the accidental marketing category. Whether you like him or hate him, Alton Brown is a man who knows himself and he knows he hates Twitter.

But when he was told he had to enter the social networking fray he did what any luddite would do — he drew on post-its.

400,000 followers and 1,000 messages a day later, he’s got the hang of it, and his followers are bidding on his post-its.

Good Relaunches as Social Network

Good is taking social action to the Internet and launching a new network,, for people interested in meeting others in their community.

Mashable reports the idea stems from the success of the magazine’s get-togethers. 

Publisher Ben Goldhirsh “sees the unique experience offered to each user based on specific interests as one of the key opportunities of the new platform, which Good couldn’t do when it was a more traditional magazine,” Mashable said.

Much of the experience in, Goldhirsh’s eyes, is based on content creation and he’s throwing the same amount of money into that content as he was on the magazine.

How Storytelling Can Help Your Brand

Nick Nanton and JW Dicks of the Celebrity Branding Agency explain why stories are such an important part of being human and why humans are always searching for an easy to grasp explanation — preferably in story form.

It’s a fascinating story that has something to do with a love hormone and your cave-dwelling ancestors.

As it turns out, stories are also good for your brand. 

Zing! Samsung’s Ad Pokes Fun at iPhone Frenzy

Samsung might be acting a little bit like that snotty girl in the hallway who’s just really jealous of your shoes.

In a classic move, Samsung just released an advertisement making fun of obsessive iPhone users.

Watch it on TechCrunch. Fanboys are not amused.

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