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Twitter Called Old Media, Intel’s ‘Beauty Inside,’ Younger Bosses

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Is Twitter Becoming An Old Media Company?

Like most aging former rebels, Twitter appears to be getting a little bit comfortable in its later years. 

The Verge’s Joshua Kopestein reports Twitter is “falling in line with everybody else.”

Banning a journalist and giving up Occupy Wall Street protester Malcolm Harris are reading like the actions of big media company. Is Twitter turning into its dad?

Intel and Toshiba’s New Interactive Romance

A few lucky fans got the chance to star in The Beauty Inside, opposite Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Episodes from Intel and Toshiba’s interactive film are now on YouTube and Facebook

The plot is simple — a man, Alex, wakes up as a different person every morning and one day, he falls in love. What’s the guy to do? Hopefuls were able to try out for the part of Alex via webcam.

“Visually, Alex is played by different actors in each episode  and by fans in webcam recordings, scattered throughout, that are presented as Alex’s video diaries to himself,” Ad Week reports.

How Millenials Are Changing the Workplace

About a third of U.S. employees have a boss who is younger than they are. While this may be unsettling for some at times, it also represents a large shift in the way people are doing business.

Forbes has the breakdown. Not surprisingly, millenials would rather chat over e-mail and aren’t interested in eating with the oldsters in the office.

Why Digital Agencies Need to Think Like a Newsroom

Ad Age argues that digital agencies need to change their creative department mentalities.

“The process of arriving at the best social content looks more like ‘Newsroom’ than ‘The Pitch.’ Creative and social staffers merge the zeitgeist with the brand ethos all day, every day. Creative latches onto trends immediately, before they expire. If something culturally important happens, you need to be able to build a concept, execute it and publish it without delay,” Ian Schafer said.

Serendip’s Crowd Curation Sounds Good

For the past six months, Serendip has been aggregating information from music sources including Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube to create a database of information on what influences sharing.

And here’s the infographic courtesy of Mashable.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Charlie Trotter

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