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Artistic Theft, Building TheAudience, Twitter on the Big Screen

The Content Strategist picks the day’s most relevant and interesting stories about the world of content from around the web. Here’s what you should be reading today, in case you missed it:

When Is Artistic Inspiration Actually Theft?

Adage’s Brian Heidelberger breaks down the difference between an ad agency borrowing another source’s ideas and copying its “creative expression.” 

“For any similarities in idea or expression, prove that they are generic by finding at least five other examples for your file before using it,” Heidelberger said.

TheAudience: Where Tech Meets Celebrity

Sean Parker, Ari Emanuel, and Oliver Luckett’s brainchild helps celebrities navigate the shark-infested waters of social media without getting their toes bitten off.

The startup remains a bit of a mystery, which according to TechCrunch, is exactly what they want.

“TheAudience is clearly doing more than just managing tweets and Facebook posts for celebrities, with employees actively participating in expanding client outreach, and likely more than that,” it says. “As Hypebot recently intimated, it seems as if theAudience is quietly trying to build a social media empire fit for the red carpet.”

Twitter, Hollywood In Bed Together

“Twitter: The Movie”? “The Tweet World”? “Tweet Street”? It was only so long before the media giant started thinking in terms of video.

“The San Francisco, Calif.-based company, along with multiple Hollywood producers and network execs, are in serious talks about the possibility of launching several original video series via Twitter, according to sources,” reports. Twitter has declined to comment on the story.

Should Cable Fear Google?

Google is set to launch Google Fiber today in Kansas City and it’s unclear as to what exactly the service will be and how users will connect. (In other words, it’s well on their way to becoming a cable company.)

But, despite the uncertainty some companies are worried.

“Buzz around Google as a cable competitor rose earlier this month when an unidentified snoop shot a photo purportedly from inside Time Warner Cable’s Kansas City office of a placard promising $50 gift cards to employees for tips on Google’s progress and plan,” Wired reports.

How Social Gives Artists a New Read on Their Audiences

Writers, comics and even painters are turning to social media to get public feedback before the work is even out the door.

“As artists in all media go social  from novelists to painters to musicians  the very practice of their craft is becoming public. In an online world, all art is becoming ‘live’ — and pretty complicated too,”’s Clive Thompson said.

Where Tumblr’s Founder Gets His Ideas has an interview with David Karp discussing how he got his start, at age 14 no less, and the impetus behind the creation of Tumblr. Watch it here.

What Exactly Is Twiplomacy?

Leaders the world over are on Twitter, but how are they using it? Do they do their own tweeting and who do they follow?

“But the rise in so-called “Twiplomacy” resembles something of an echo chamber, according to an analysis of 264 government accounts in 125 countries that the PR firm Burson-Marsteller describes as the first-ever global study of world leaders on Twitter,” The Associated Press’ John Heilprin reports.

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