Figuring Out How to Create Content That Works [INFOGRAPHIC]

Producing valuable and interesting content is sometimes a marketer’s hardest task. The internet has an abundant amount of information available, so it’s easy to get lost in the mix.

But with the right tools and know how, it’s easier to discover what works and what doesn’t.

If a marketer is stuck, there are ways to find content, as highlighted in CopyBlogger’s infographic, “22 Ways to Create Compelling Content.”

The infographic suggests asking people to write guest posts on the blog, which will increase their exposure and lead to a mutually beneficial relationship. Cross-promotion is always helpful.

It also recommends to “share your success” and “share your failures,” which means storytelling and relating to the audience. The tip “Relive the Memories” is along the same lines. When it comes to content marketing, storytelling and company transparency are of the highest importance.

As the infographic points out, an interview is a good idea and will readers an insight onto a topic. An interview of a company representative or an employee who doesn’t normally write content can produce a good piece. Content can always be found within the company itself.

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