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3 Ways To Optimize the ‘Welcome Email’

When customer sign up for a business’s email marketing campaigns, marketers have the chance to make a good first impression and ensure that the recipient won’t unsubscribe. 

Welcome emails have a 50-60% open rate, says Skyline Technologies. With that in mind, companies need to have a strategy in place to keep customers on board. HubSpot Blog‘s Corey Eridon gives fifteen suggestions on how to make the most of that introductory email with reconversion opportunities.

Eridon, first and foremost, writes that companies need to promote a call to action, asking customers to confirm they have subscribed to the list and to mark their emails as safe. He says there should also be a thank you message, background information on what information they’ll be receiving, and the privacy policy. 

Here are three of Eridon’s tips for reconversion:

1. Prompt Subscribers to Fill Out a Survey

A survey “will help you gather lead intelligence on a group you know little about, so you’ll be able to segment your email list in a more savvy way, target your content better, and even improve your customer personas over time.” It’s crucial to learn about your customer at every opportunity, whether it’s through social media, content marketing, or email listings. That way, you can tailor content and pitches to their preferences.

2. Include Links to Social Media Sites

This is a no-brainer. Ask customers to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If at any point they want to unsubscribe because email is more intrusive than those sites, they still might want to be your fan or follower on social media platforms.

3. Utilize the Sales Opportunity

By offering up products or services in the initial email, you’re enticing customers to spend. “You can incentivize it further with a time-sensitive coupon as a way to say ‘thank you’ for subscribing!,” writes Eridon.

Just remember: when sending out emails, make sure you are aware of deliverability issues and what causes customers to unsubscribe. The initial email gives your company an opportunity to get to know customers and figure out how to target them in every way possible.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Francisco Javier Argel

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