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Why Being Transparent With Your Content Matters, Like, A Lot

Every industry, from finance to journalism, seems to think that transparency is the “answer” to today’s biggest problems and most corrupt industries.

Why? We create a lot of data these days.  According to Yuri Milner, more data was created in any 48-hour period in 2010 than had been created by all of humanity in the past 30,000 years. So as everybody tries to figure out the best ways to make sense of it, we thought we’d offer our take.

So you’re probably wondering – how does this apply to my brand’s content? The bottom line is this — if you want to get real readership, you need to be exposed. This will make your content that much more unique, and relevant to your brand. Therefore, you will keep your loyal users, and bring in new ones in measurably demonstrated ways.

For Ok Cupid, this strategy was a major game-changer. The dating site’s blog, OK Trends, used its extensive data to create some jaw-dropping (but hilarious) posts, which then got wider exposure through the mainstream press.

“Each item is a wonder,” Time Magazine explained on its “Best Blogs of 2011” list.  “It’s packed with creative analysis and infographics based on data from questionnaires the site uses to match prospective lovebirds.”

Yes, OK Cupid’s blogger Christian Rudder uses catchy headlines like “The Mathematics of Attractiveness” to draw in tons of new readers. And yes, He is super confident in his tone. But the real reason the blog gets thousands of comments on each post? it uses what it knows to lure you back to its business.


What do you do, though, if data isn’t your business’ biggest asset? Try using other things that are inherent to your business that might be interesting to your consumer.


A model playing dress-up on Joos’ blog

Tales of Endearment, a blog by Natalie Joos, is a great example of this. Most style bloggers go out of their way to snap their outfits, or to hound models at fashion week. But as a model casting agent the content comes to Joos; she’ll shoot up-and-comers in “casual fun sessions” that almost look like magazine shoots. But the catch here is that they should — it’s her job to find these girls.

The same strategy applies to the brands she features. “As a Casting Agent I work with a lot of young, cool brands,” Joos explained on her blog.  “And since most of the designers become my friends, I make it a point to promote their stuff as much as possible, hence I love it and wear it.”

Tales of Endearment is an extension of Joos’ life — a way for her to capture her daily work in a way that’s not stretching outward, but pulling internally.


If you can take what your business does best and turn it into content, you will not only entertain your readers but you’ll help yourself.

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