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Awesome Content About Content, Week of 11/7/11

Hey Everyone!

If you follow our Twitter and/or Tumblr, you know that we like to keep you updated on what’s going on in the world of Content Creation outside of The Content Strategist. Here’s a wrap-up of  things we’ve noticed over the past week.

27 Ways To Use Infographics Wisely – Everyone on the internet is sick of bad infographics. We show you how to create killer ones, how to identify what makes a truly awesome one, and twelve amazing ones to get ideas from.

Which Luxury Brands Are Digital Pioneers? – “Brands are seeking the halo of innovation that comes from inspired online programming,” claims L2 Luxury Labs in Their Latest study. We take a look at the brands who are “gifted.”

From Our Toolbox:  The Best Ways To Maximize WordPress, Gmail, and Tumblr  –  Some really useful tips from around the web on how to make the most of  Wordpress, Gmail, and Tumblr.

Google Tools On The Horizon That You Should Be Using – From market surveys to new transparent ad targeting, Google has a lot of new stuff that you should know about. We lay it out clearly, without all the hype.
29 Content Strategy Mistakes, and 22 Ways To Fix Them – Everyone messes up sometimes.We show you some classic goofs, and ways to fix them!
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