10 Blogs You Should Be Reading If You Manage A Company’s Content Strategy

There are a lot of content strategy blogs floating around in cyberspace. Probably hundreds. Possibly thousands. Either way, it’s a lot to keep up with. Sifting through the morass that is Alltop’s page on content marketing or trying to keep tabs on Junta42’s list of 42 content marketing blogs is enough to give even professional content strategists an overload.

Here, we narrow it down to 10 blogs that will give you the ideas, advice, and inspiration you need to keep producing content that will grow your company’s bottom line.

  1. Hubspot Blog — Not only are the folks at Hubspot experts on helping their customers drive leads to their businesses through content, they are expert practitioners too. On Hubspot Inbound Internet Marketing Blog, you’ll find tips on how to use Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to promote your content, along with advice on link building and SEO.
  2. Mashable Business & Marketing  — The business section of the popular blog Mashable offers stories on what big companies are doing in online media. You can always learn something from the big guys.
  3. Seth Godin’s Blog — When it comes to marketing, Seth Godin is a prolific writer and influential thinker among the digerati. His characteristically pithy posts will get you thinking about an aspect of marketing you might not have considered.
  4. Copyblogger — Brian Clark and his team of editors and guest posters have set the standard for great online content. They also offer free e-courses and e-books that will get you started on content marketing, email marketing, and SEO.
  5. WebInkNow — David Meerman Scott wrote The New Rules of Marketing and PR, now in its third edition. Whether providing commentary on real-world events or outlining a new concept, his blog always provides actionable advice for the reader.
  6. Presentation Zen — The book of the same name began a paradigm shift in how we think about presentations. Author Garr Reynolds’ thought-provoking analysis of presentation slides and videos will motivate you to never deliver a boring PowerPoint again.
  7. Brian Solis — You need to understand how to promote all that great content you’re creating, and Brian Solis, author of Engage, is just the guy to help. On his blog you’ll find how-to advice, along with research and commentary on current developments in social media.
  8. Top Rank Online Marketing Blog — Lee Odden is the co-founder of digital marketing agency Top Rank Online Marketing. His direct experience working with marketers gives him the chops to offer a plethora of tips and advice on content marketing strategies.
  9. Content Marketing Institute Blog — The blog is one of the many resources offered by the Content Marketing Institute. Nearly every post provides a numbered list of tips, steps or ideas. While you’re there, check out founder Joe Pulizzi’s blog at Junta42, where you can find even more useful advice.
  10. Post Advertising — Named for the post-advertising age of content marketing, this blog, a project of brand marketing firm Story Worldwide, offers advice on content through the lens of storytelling. We all need to be reminded that, in the end, content marketing is all about telling a story.


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